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Welcome to the largest international industry association and community of Customer Advisory Board managers worldwide. Comprised of Fortune 1000 member companies from around the globe, Customer Advisory Board .org champions and provides resources for the development of Customer Advisory Board programs and professionals as strategic resources vital to the success of their organizations.

We are the ONLY industry association worldwide focused on Customer Advisory Board success. If your organization has a Customer Advisory Board program or is evaluating the benefits of creating one, we encourage you to join our community to accelerate your plans. Since our founding in 2009, the Customer Advisory Board .org has grown to over 500 members representing 32% of Fortune 1000 corporations. Lifetime membership enables you to:
  • Network with a group of 500+ Customer Advisory Board managers and facilitators globally to share best practices online and through quarterly conference calls. Attend a conference attracting 60+ members annually.
  • Benchmark your program against a Customer Advisory Board Maturity Model, based on 70 established world-class best practices. Collected through an industry survey of 50+ Customer Advisory Board managers.
  • Measure ROI of your Customer Advisory Board program to build a business case for more investment and track the business value.
  • Access Job Postings for Customer Advisory Board managers and Customer Program Marketing positions 
  • Skill Development through Professional Training for both Customer Advisory Board Managers and Facilitators.

Our mission:
  1. Share best practices among Customer Advisory Board practitioners internationally
  2. Match companies embarking on Customer Advisory Council's with Customer Advisory experts & facilitators
  3. Promote Customer Advisory Boards as a proven method for increasing sales, customer loyalty and driving innovation in organizations worldwide
If you’re managing or planning a Customer Advisory Board program then please consider becoming a Member of our industry association.

DEFINITION: What is a Customer Advisory Board?

A Customer Advisory Board (CAB), also known as a Client Advisory Council, is a B2B sales & marketing program. The program involves regularly convening a small group of influential customers who have a vested interest in helping to shape the host company’s strategy. A well-designed customer advisory board will provide a forum for peer networking, while enabling all members to develop solutions to grow their businesses.

"Is a Customer Advisory Board a focus group?" No! Here's why:

Membership is typically made up of 10-15 senior executives (not necessarily the end product users) normally representing the 20% of your customers that generate more than 80% of your revenue.

  1. Topics of discussion tend to be more strategic than tactical.
  2. Customer Advisory Council members participate on a voluntary basis for the opportunity to influence the company’s direction, in a way which is beneficial to their own needs, as well as the wider customer base.
  3. There is an expectation that the organization will follow through on key recommendations made by it's Customer Advisory Board members to ensure their continued participation and client satisfaction.

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Why create a Customer Advisory Board?

Business is personal. Now more than ever its imperative to build deeper relationships with your best customers. It's well known that your top 20% of clients typically generate 80% of your revenue. Engaging key decision makers in these accounts through a Client Advisory Council will deliver:

  • Early warnings of shifts in customer needs and emerging opportunities (Market Research)
  • New Product Development feedback (InnovationReduce customer attrition and churn, especially among Customer Advisory Board members (Customer Loyalty)
  • Advice on approaching and appealing to similar customers, including referrals (Sales) Intelligence on competitor's tactics and strategies - what’s working and what’s not (Market Intelligence) 
A Customer Advisory Board can drive significant new revenue if managed effectively.

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