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"Branding your Customer Advisory Board - key considerations and examples"

Join our community to learn how to improve your existing Customer Advisory Board program, or if you are creating your first advisory board, our content and members can help accelerate your plans. 

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We developed the Customer Advisory Board Maturity Model to help organizations understand, plan for and assess the performance of their advisory council initiatives. Our members use it both as a Customer Advisory Board management checklist(containing 60 best practices) and as an organizational road map along the 7 key competency areas. At the Customer Advisory Board .org association, we use it to organize our research, our conference session programming and our training services so that our members can easily connect the dots and use the association’s content in their strategic planning. 

The model articulates two concepts required to advance the business of Customer Advisory Boards. First, it defines the 7 key competency areas, containing a total of 60 best practices, required to build successful client advisory councils. Second, it articulates how these competencies progress from organizations that have developed their programs through a ‘trial & error’ approach to those that have embraced world-class best practices and professional help. 

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Learn best practices from other world class Customer Advisory Board programs by accessing our member library including previous conference presentations:

Our members convene on a quarterly basis through conference calls. The Quarterly Conference Call Program showcases the latest research and tools from leading Customer Advisory Board managers and consultants. Following each presentation we have an open discussion on "Hot Topics" submitted by our member community. If you would like to showcase your Advisory Board program or have a suggestion for a Hot Topic then please contact us!

The Customer Advisory Board Industry Report is the result of the largest industry survey regularly conducted of advisory council programs. Using objective indicators of Customer Advisory Board maturity, the research covers a wealth of data regarding evolving advisory board management practices, and sought to answer three main questions: 

  • How are Customer Advisory Boards performing?
  • What are the standards and strengths of Customer Advisory Boards?
  • What opportunities should Customer Advisory Board managers focus on to grow their programs?

ROI Calculator

We generated the Return On Investment model following a number of quarterly conference calls and sessions at our annual conference focused on evaluating the value of customer advisory boards. The spreadsheet looks at ROI from two perspectives: Firstly the hard benefits that can be quantifiable in a business case and secondly the scorecard metrics that may be used to evaluate performance of many customer engagement activities in the enterprise. The ROI model also includes a complete budget calculator enabling anyone new to advisory boards to understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to help in building the business case.     

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Top 10 Benefits of Customer Advisory Boards based on recent Press Coverage on Customer Advisory Boards with Fortune Magazine 


Ali Kramer, Marketing Manager


Ali will answer member questions from successfully managing the Equifax Customer Advisory Board program over several years.

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In addition to the high level key findings, the report includes data, analysis, actionable insights and recommendations related to the 7 maturity competencies in the Customer Advisory Board Maturity Model. This research is invaluable in benchmarking advisory board programs, to find immediate areas for improvement, regardless of your organization’s size of industry. 

Inside the report you will find research that supports three key findings: 

  1. Customer Advisory Board maturity impacts business value
  2. World class CAB programs continuously engage members throughout the year 
  3. Executive participation and sponsorship is the biggest determinant of ROI


First published in 2010 it is widely used today by Customer Advisory Board .org members and beyond to: 

  • Evaluate and assess their organization’s Customer Advisory Board program through gap analysis
  • Understand the expertise and skill sets required for successful advisory council development
  • Develop a road map to advance Customer Advisory Boardefforts in their organization
  • Educate and manage expectations for the advisory board among executive sponsors, stakeholders, sales and account management
  • Create training for those tasked with developing or improving a Customer Advisory Board or facilitating an advisory council meeting

Since our founding in 2009, the Customer Advisory Board .org has grown to over 500 members representing 32% of Fortune 1000 corporations.

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